"When the galaxy is plunged in darkness, both those who live and those that have died fight to maintain peace in a shattered galaxy..."
―Book slogan

Star Wars: The Eternal Slumber is the first novel written by StarNinja99. It involves his views of becoming one with the force. The story follows Kol Skywalker after his death, and follows him and the billions of other Jedi in the afterlife as they fight of the millions of Sith that want nothing more than total domination of both the living and dead galaxies.

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"His loss was more bitter to me than the loss of my arm. I know, however—and accept—that Kol's sacrifice was selfless. It saved you, me, Shado, the younglings. Kol knew what he was doing. The odds against us were insurmountable. He knew he could only hold off the Sith for a time—not defeat them. Living—his own survival—was not the point. Buying time for us was."
―Wolf Sazen to Cade Skywalker

The living galaxy is in turmoil. Darth Krayt, his Sith forces, and millions of Imperial Stormtroopers lay siege to the galaxy. They have taken the Great Jedi Library on Ossus, and killed the great Jedi Master Kol Skywalker. But his story doesn't end there, for once you become one with the force in a time of great darkness; the battles are just beginning...

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  • StarNinja99 had thought about this for many years, but had finally decided to write it in early 2008.