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5,039 BBY


130 ABY

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1.9 meters

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Silver full body hair

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"I was a Jedi before your Empire even existed, before your emperors rule of two was ever even thought up. I've seen the rise and fall of governments more times than you can count. Your empire WILL fall, Vader, it's just a matter of time."
―Hanok-Kie to Darth Vader

Hanok-Kie was a Jedi Master of an unknown species that had lived for almost 6,000 years. Hanok-Kie was raised by Wookiees after his ship had crashed on Kashyyyk. He joined the Jedi Order in 5,021 BBY, and had served in the Jedi Order ever since. He worked on the light side all his life, and always followed the Jedi way, even when the Jedi disappeared from the galaxy, and even when he had no choice but to leave the order.


Joining the Wookiees

It is not known were Hanok-Kie was born, or even what species was. What is known is that in 5,039 BBY an escape pod of unknown origins crash landed in the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk. The elder of the native species, the Wookiees, sent a hunting party to search for the unknown wreckage. While searching through the pod, they found a youngling, Hanok-Kie, inside what appeared to be a small Kolto tank. The Wookiees didn't know what to do with this youngling, so they took him to the Village Elder Kelrarro.


The village Elder

The village Elder was intrigued by this young sentient. His guards warned him that it might be some sort of trap from their neighbor, the Trandoshans, and tried to convince him to throw it back into the Shadowlands. The village Elder couldn't let a sentient die in the Shadowlands, so instead took the young sentient as his own.

Young life

Hanok-Kie spent most of his youth growing up as a normal Wookiee would. He was taught Shyriiwook, learned how to wield a Ryyk blade, and built himself a bowcaster. His father, the Elder, was proud of how well the young Hanok-Kie was doing. He had surpassed all his peers in Ryyk blade combat. Everything seemed to be going well for Hanok-Kie. His father had decided to let the boy go through his right of passage.

Discovering the Force

"The way of peace and justice, the Jedi way, seems to be what calls out to me. Maybe, maybe this Force can help me find those like me."
―Hanok-Kie to the hologram (translated from Shyriiwook)

On Hanok-Kie's Right to Passage, his father sent him deep into the Shadowlands to retrieve the ceremonial blade in order for him to become an adult. Little did the Kelrarro know this was the last time he'd ever see his son.

Hanok-Kie worked his way through the dark, attempting to scope out the blade. Hour after hour past, and Hanok-Kie had begun to believe he was lost. He was just about to give up hope when he saw a dim light ahead of him. He worked his way through the brush to see a downed starfighter tangled in the vines. Upon further inspection, he found a small ancient cube buried in the ground. When Hanok-Kie picked it up, a blue glow radiated from it. At first the holocron spoke an unusual language, but then, upon hearing Hanok-Kie’s voice, switched to Shyriiwook. The holocron addressed Hanok-Kie as a "Padawan". Hanok-Kie, intrigued by the name, asked the hologram what a Padawan was. The hologram replied it's the lowest rank of the Jedi. Hanok-Kie had never heard of the Jedi, and asked the holocron what the Jedi were. This is how Hanok-Kie learned the way of the Force.


Hanok-Kie's holocron

After the holocron explained what the Jedi order was fully, it told him that he could be a Jedi. Hanok-Kie agreed to the holocron’s teachings. The holocron taught him the basics a Padawan needs, levitation, the Jedi code, and so on. Then the holocron had him create his vary first lightsaber.

Hanok-Kie attempted to create a regular lightsaber at first, but changed his mind and decided to create something a little more unique. He took wood from the Wroshyr trees that towered above him, and took his Ryyk blade and separated the blade and attached it to the bottom of the hilt. Then he worked on the innards of the hilt, using a green focusing crystal, and toping it all off with an extra part from the starfighter that served as a lens. The holocron called the lightsaber illogical, but Hanok-kie didn't care. He had just created the galaxies first lightsaber Cane.

The newly formed Jedi apprentice asked the holocron to teach him further, but it refused to teach anyone past the basics and shut itself down. Driven by his need to find others like him and his desire to become a Jedi, Hanok-Kie fixed the starfighter and flew away from Kashyyyk.

Finding the Jedi

"You're an unusual one, Hanok-Kie, but you seem to be a true follower of the light, even though the force is new to you. I will bring you before the council, and you will become my apprentice."

Hanok-Kie took to space flight quickly, even though he felt cramped in the cockpit of the starfighter. He flew aimlessly, and in the year 5,021 BBY, he arrived at the forest-covered moon of Dxun. Landing on the planet in search for food and fuel, he landed in one of the few grasslands of the planet; Hanok-Kie began to scout the area for predators. Shooing away a couple of Boma and killing a large Zakkeg.

As Hanok-Kie dragged the beast back to his ship, a middle-aged human stumbled along his path from the brush. Surprised at the strange creature before him, the human, whose name was Sonam-Ha'ar, drew his lightsaber, ignited it, and held a defensive stance before Hanok-Kie. Since he didn't know Galactic Basic, all Hanok-kie could do is growl at him. Sonam took this as a sign of attack, and lunged at him. Hanok-Kie quickly dodged and drew his lightsaber cane.

Sonam was surprised that this creature had, and could wield, a lightsaber, much less a new and unknown one. Hanok-Kie tried to reason with him in Shyriiwook, but to no avail. Suddenly the Holocron in his pelt began to vibrate wildly. Pulling it out, the Holocron glowed, and began to translate for the two. Sonam asked Hanok-Kie how he got a hold of his lightsaber. Hanok-Kie then told Sonam the entire story of how he learned of the Jedi.

Sonam couldn't believe what he was hearing. He asked Hanok-Kie, to do a few tests, the kind a normal Padawan would have to learn. Hanok-Kie pulled them off perfectly. Sonam then decided that Hanok-Kie should be brought before the council. Hanok-Kie could barely believe he was going to be a Jedi. Leaving his starfighter behind, Hanok-Kie and his new Master, Sonam, flew away in the Jedi Master's Koros Spaceworks Interceptor, and headed for Coruscant.

Becoming Sonam's Apprentice

"You may train him, Sonam. Hanok-Kie, we shall be here if ever you need guidance. We have great hopes for you. May the Force be with you both."
―The Jedi Council to Sonam and Hanok-Kie

The entire flight to Coruscant, Hanok-Kie used the built in holonet connection on the ship to learn galactic basic. Unlike the Wookiees that raised him, he could learn to speak basic with ease. By the time they landed, Hanok-Kie had learned how to understand basic, but hadn't completely gotten down how to speak it yet.

As soon as they landed, Sonam went straight to the council. Sonam explained the whole situation to Hanok-Kie. The council brought Hanok-Kie before them, and sensing the amazing force connection they felt in him, and seeing that he was not on the dark side, they granted Sonam permission to train him. Leaving his holocron behind in the archives, the two Jedi headed for Dantooine for Hanok-Kie to gain some additional training before he went out on any dangerous missions. Hanok-Kie was finally a Jedi, could barely wait to start his training.

Training on Dantooine


Hanok-Kie sees the Dantooine Enclave for the first time

Sonam waited no time getting started training Hanok-Kie. He started with the most basic of basic skills, and upon seeing that he already knew these, trained Hanok-Kie to perfect them. Hanok-Kie turned out to have a great talent for moving items at will, so it only took him a couple of weeks to master the Force pushes and pulling. The Force jumps came to him soon after, making it even easier to glide through the treetops than it was on Kashyyyk.

His Force senses came allot harder to him. He would train for 15 hours a day and still only have a few visions. However, Hanok-Kie worked really hard at it and never shown any sign of gave up. Finally, after 3 months of hard work one day, he had gotten it down flat. Others at the enclave could hardly believe that he had trained so hard at it that he had surpassed the other students in both aspects of the force.

Hanok-Kie then moved on to lightsaber combat. They started with Long swords and worked there way up. When he was on Kashyyyk, he had been trained for hours and hours with his Ryyk blade so he could make up for having less strength than an average Wookiee, and this paid off in the training. He quickly climbed the ranks to dueling with low powered lightsabers. It took him a week to get used to the small hilt and longer, more dangerous blade, but he climbed to the top 10 in his class by the end of the training stage.

Sonam decided he wanted to see how Hanok-Kie would handle a real duel with no rules and real danger. He took Hanok-Kie out into the plains one day, setting up a false duel with a Jedi knight. After a few hours, the Jedi jumped into them, put Sonam into a harmless Force Stasis, and confronted Hanok-Kie.


Then, to be sure there would be no injuries; the Jedi used the force to throw Hanok-Kie's bowcaster into the brush. As he picked it out of his belt with the force, Hanok-Kie was already on the move, lightsaber cane in hand and ignited, using the force to speed himself up. He quickly tried to remove the lightsaber from the Jedi's belt, but he was too quick. The Jedi used a force jump to get away, removed the lightsaber, and ignited it to a glowing blue blade.

Hanok-Kie gave the man a chance to give up, but the Jedi just hurled a force push at him. He used the momentum of the Force push to push himself of the tree he was about to hit, force jumped at the Jedi, and slashed his lightsaber in two. The Jedi, clearly surprised that a Padawan, even one he was going easy on, could even lay a hand on his weapon, never saw the force push coming. Hanok-Kie pinned him down with the force, shackled him, and ran to see if his master was alright. That was when they revealed it was only a test. Hanok-Kie was a little embarrassed that he destroyed the Jedi’s lightsaber, but he was reassured that he had done the right thing by destroying the weapon, and that he passed with flying colors.

Training with Memit

"You and me, Hanok-Kie, we can save that settler together."
―Memit to Hanok-kie

In 5,019 BBY, Sonam was called away to Coruscant to watch over a senator. Hanok-Kie was watched by the council, and was to continue on with his studies. One day Hanok-Kie was reading up on some Jedi history when an older Padawan, whose name was Memit Nadill, sat across the table from him. The two began to talk and work together. It turned out that Memit's master had also gone away, but he had decided to stay and work on his techniques. The two hit it off and trained with each other for the rest of their master's absence. They even learned a new force ability together, the Force Stun.

After a couple off weeks, Memit decided that the two should take the day off and head out into the plains off Dantooine. As they walked Hanok-Kie noticed that a shadowy figure was heading for a nearby cave. He whispered for Memit to look, and he noticed that the figure was holding a body. They started to tail the figure, noticing that the body was a human male settler that had been knocked unconscious. They both new they had to save him, but the question was how. Memit came up with the plan that he would distract the figure while Hanok-Kie jumped and shackled the figure.

Hanok-Kie snuck in, seeing that the figure was clearly a Mandalorian mercenary. He quickly and quietly moved in behind the mercenary. He watched as the Mandalorian prepared to freeze the settler in carbonite using what looked like a hand-made carbon freezing chamber. Just then he heard the snap-hiss of Memit's lightsaber igniting. The mercenary shot off a couple off rounds that were deflected by a sharp upright slash and harmlessly thrown against the cave wall. Memit quickly used force stun before the Mandalorian could fire again. Hanok-Kie then quickly jumped out and shackled the mercenary. They both then released the settler and brought them back to the council.

The council was thrilled that the two Padawans were able to take down an armed mercenary, and granted Memit the gift of taking the trials. Hanok-Kie was told that they would now let him go on missions with his master.

After Memit took his trials, Hanok-Kie was sad to hear that he was leaving to take part in the Unification Wars, but knew he would see his friend again someday. The next few years were spent doing small missions around Dantooine, and training for the day that he would go on his first real mission.

The First Mission

"The Jedi way is pitiful and weak, while the dark side has made me more powerful than even the Jedi council. You shall both die today, Jedi scum!"
Teln Sirosh to Sonam and Hanok-Kie before their duel

Finally, in 5,010 BBY, the council decided to send them on an important mission. There was a Jedi Knight named Teln Sirosh a week ago had gone out on a mission to recover a Holocron left over from a Dark Jedi during the Second Great Schism. He ended up not returning to the enclave, so Sonam and Hanok-Kie were tasked with finding Teln and bringing him back to the enclave. The council also told them that he had been up for nomination to Jedi Master, but was denied. No matter how simple a mission it seemed, Hanok-Kie couldn't help but feel something dark was tied into all this.

The two began the search right away. Hanok-Kie used his highly attuned sense of smell to track down the Jedi, while Sonam used psychometry to see what happened to Teln. Along the way, Sonam decided to begin to teach Hanok-Kie how to perform psychometry. Hanok-Kie had trouble with it at first, but had began to touch the surface when they reached the place were Sonam said he had found the Holocron.

Sonam decided it was time to let Hanok-Kie try out Psychometry. Hanok-Kie reached for the force, focusing all his attention into the handmade grave in the ground. He saw Teln reach into the tomb, feeling for the Holocron. Then, pulling it out, he took a close look at it. It glow blue, showing a creepy looking Human male. The Human began to poke at Teln, attempting to convert him to the Dark Side. Hanok-Kie couldn't tell what the holocron said, but he could tell it was successful. Hanok-Kie tried to move in closer, pushing with all his might, just in time to here the holocron convince Teln to move in through the lower levels of the enclave, kill anyone who gets in his way, and use an ability he would learn in the caves on the other side of the enclave that would make the Jedi pay for not granting him the rank of Jedi Master. Hanok-Kie tore himself out of the vision, told Sonam to follow him, and used Force Speed to reach the enclave as fast as possible, explaining the situation to his master along the way.

Hanok-Kie reached the cave just in time to see Teln leaving to head for the enclave. Hanok-Kie ignited his lightsaber cane and stood in the path of Teln, with Sonam not far behind. Hanok-Kie gave Teln a chance to give up and be brought back to the Jedi order. Teln merely spat out an insult and attacked the two Jedi with his shining green lightsaber in hand.

Hanok-Kie was attacked first, parrying to slashes only to get an uppercut to the eye. Sonam came to his aid quickly, driving him back into the cave. Hanok-Kie quickly joined him. They drove him back toward the shrine of the Dark Jedi, were he forced them back with a shot of Force Lightning. He then mocked them, and revealed his new power, the Thought Bomb, and began to focus on creating one big enough to kill every Jedi on the planet. Sonam quickly got up and used the Force power Malacia to the point of him losing his concentration. Teln tried to get up, but Hanok-Kie was already holding him down. Teln then used force pull to regain his lightsaber, and a powerful force push to send Hanok-Kie and the nearby wall across the room, and lunged at Sonam. Just like he did against the Jedi knight, Hanok-Kie hit the wall feet first, flew at Teln, and slashed his lightsaber in two. Sonam quickly used a Force Stasis while Hanok-Kie shackled him.

The council awarded both Hanok-Kie and Sonam for there efforts at stopping Teln. They were both given medals of bravery and courage, and Hanok-Kie was granted the right to go off planet with his master. Meanwhile, Teln was sent into exile after the failed attempts to turn him back to the light. From there he would crash-land on Korriban, were he would later join the army that would soon threaten the Republic and the Jedi order.

Hanok-Kie's time on Ossus

"This place makes me feel at peace. I truly feel best when I'm with nature. I'm not sure if it’s me being raised by Wookiees or something else entirely, but this is were I feel one with the Force."
―Hanok-Kie on the Wilderness of Ossus

The next six years Hanok-Kie spent training and doing small missions in and around the Jedi academy on Ossus. Hanok-Kie found a sense of pure peace for the first time since leaving his homeworld. The surrounding area was rich with fauna and flora, the perfect place for the Wookiee-raised Hanok-Kie to meditate and train. When not out in the wilderness of Ossus, Hanok-Kie spent his time in the archives, learning new abilities. One such ability he learned in 5,006 BBY was the ability to channel the force into an object. The user could even block a lightsaber with a mere stick using this ability. Hanok-Kie knew this could be a valuable asset, considering his long cane on his lightsaber was used instead of a regular hilt. He was able to master the technique in a month, but he still wasn't satisfied. He worked on this ability for most of that year, and was able to perfect it so that his hilt would forever be imbued with the force, tuned right in with him, literally an extension of himself.

Sonam had stayed with him for the better part of the first year, but began to pull away to silently watch his Padawan’s progress from afar. He grew more impressed by the day, and was simply astounded that Hanok-Kie had mastered such a difficult technique to a point not even the masters had managed to do.

In 5,005 BBY, Sonam confronted Hanok-Kie, advising him to look into learning force abilities that went with his natural peace with nature. Sonam began to teach Hanok-Kie the ways of taming and befriending the animals and plants of the wild. Hanok-Kie took quickly to this, mastering it in two weeks. In the time Hanok-Kie was on Ossus, he had developed many new Force Abilities, and some that only Masters had ever learned.

Hanok-Kie had done some physical training to stay in peak condition, but after mastering Animal Friendship he devoted close to all of his time on mastering his physical body. He explored the lightsaber forms of Shii-Cho, Makashi, Soresu, Ataru, Shien, and Niman, equally learning from each. But the two that suited him best equally was Makashi and Ataru. He mastered these two before he was to leave Ossus, while the others were close to mastered.

Sonam had received a call that he and Hanok-Kie had new missions; one that would separate them for the first time since Hanok-Kie was brought to the academy. The two headed to Coruscant. Hanok-Kie didn't know what was in store for him, but he knew he was on his own.

On the Horizons of War

"I sense no deception in their words, master. What worries me is as I sat there and listened to them, I could almost see the details of it. The force is trying to tell us about the troubles on the horizon, and we need to listen, or we face our doom."
―Hanok-Kie to Sonam on hearing the of Odan-Urr's vision

When Hanok-Kie and Sonam arrived on Coruscant in 5,004 BBY, he was greeted by Master Tuknatan. He ushered them into the senate building, taking them into a small meeting room. Hanok-Kie was told that, due to the Unification Wars, the senate was calling for a few Jedi to protect the Senate. Hanok-Kie was tasked with being a bodyguard for the senate, making sure that no harm would come to the senators.

Hanok-Kie spent the next four years on Coruscant spending much of his time in the senate chambers. Hanok-Kie's dislike of politics only grew by the day. When not in the Senate Chambers or protecting a senator for one reason or another, he spent his in his chambers practicing his force skills. Coruscant wasn't the kind of planet that Hanok-Kie liked; it was way too industrial and loud for him. All that while, he longed to be back on Ossus, secluded in the wilds of the planet.

In 5,000 BBY, his old friend Memit, another Jedi named Odan-Urr, and even Empress Teta, had made came to address the senate. Hanok-Kie noted that many of the Jedi Masters on planet were there, Tuknatan, Anavus Svag, and even his master Sonam were present. Hanok-Kie listened closely to the story of Odan-Urr's vision, concentrating hard on it.

Suddenly, Hanok-Kie saw himself in a grand battle, slicing down blood red species unlike any he'd seen before. He saw as clear as day his lightsaber, which he didn't seem to control, parrying and slashing. He closed his eyes, suddenly overcome by the scene. When he reopened them, he was back in the senate halls, watching the senators clearing out. Sonam appeared over his shoulder, asking what was wrong. Hanok-Kie quickly explained to his master what had happened. Hanok-Kie knew for sure that these dark enemies were out there, and that they were coming here.

The Great Hyperspace War

"I will not defeat me twice, Jedi scum!"
―Teln Sirosh

As Sonam went to meet Memit to come up with a plan, Hanok-Kie decided to scope out the Coruscanti security. He was making his way to the forward cannons when the Coruscanti Invasion Alarms sounded. Hanok-Kie wasted no time bringing his lightsaber cane into his hands. He looked up, seeing the fleet of the Sith Lord Naga Sadow lay siege to the planet. A flurry of pods rained down around Hanok-Kie like rain, releasing Massassi warriors into the busy Coruscant streets. Hanok-Kie engaged them slashing left and right, defending the civilians as they made a retreat into the nearby buildings.

Chris Trevas TFU Starkiller

Teln confronts Hanok-Kie on Coruscant

Hanok-Kie went for their primitive weapons first, but with no success. They seemed to have used the Force weapon ability on their weapons. Hanok-Kie made his way through the Hulking creatures, slashing and parrying with extreme accuracy. When he finally took down the last Massassi, he made his way to make sure the civilians were safe. He bolted the doors tight so the enemies couldn't get in, and made his way to the roof. He saw a large Massassi squad with civilian prisoners a few blocks over. Hanok-Kie force jumped over a building and returned his cane to his back. He drew his bowcaster, aiming through the scope. He took out 6 Massassi before their Sith commander noticed and began shooting at Hanok-Kie with his arm weapon called a lanvarok. Hanok-Kie jumped and freefell over to the squad, withdrawing his lightsaber cane and igniting it. He slashed the leader in two, and then moved on to the stunned Massassi warriors. Hanok-Kie beckoned the civilians behind him, moving forward to find a safe place for them to hide.

When Hanok-Kie rounded the next corner, he met a familiar face. There, in black robes and wielding a quickly built lightsaber. He had a Sith sword on his belt, and a Lanavarok on his wrist. Hanok-Kie told the civilians to run into the tower down the street and bolt the door. Teln and Hanok-Kie ignited their lightsabers and engaged each other. Hanok-Kie used Makashi to counter Teln’s aggressive version of Niman. They countered each others every move, slash for slash. Hanok-Kie saw that if he kept up fighting like this, the duel would go on far too long. Hanok-Kie switched to a graceful Ataru, using the surrounding buildings as he did tree's on Dantooine and Ossus. Teln was falling back, unable to keep up with Hanok-Kie’s graceful movements. He fired the Lanvarok, just barely missing Hanok-Kie. He then moved back into the ally, running at top speed with Hanok-Kie quickly following behind.

Then Hanok-Kie made it into the opening, he saw the ferocious battle outside the Senate Hall. Millions of Sith, Massassi, Senate guards, soldiers, and a few Jedi fought in a deadly gory battle to the death. Hanok-Kie scanned the area, looking for Teln. He saw him out by a few Sith. Suddenly Sirosh and the Sith let loose fire on Hanok-Kie, Lanvaroks blazing past Hanok-Kie's fur. He used his Soresu training to block the shots, taking cover behind a fallen pillar. The Massassi moved forward, closing in on the pillar. Hanok-Kie focused the force around him, calling for its aid. Hanok-Kie, for the first time, felt purely at one with the force. He somersaulted into the crowd, letting lose a devastating Force wave. The Makashi and Sith hit the surrounding buildings. Teln, recovering from his daze, ran into the alleys, Hanok-Kie right behind him. As the turned into a clearing, he saw Teln had some civilians held prisoner. He sliced one in half, and threatened he'd kill the other one. Hanok-Kie, enraged, gave in to his anger, and began to force choke Teln. He struggled, gasping for air. Hanok-Kie squeezed tighter and tighter, making the blood rush to his face. He saw Teln begin to bleed out of his mouth. This knocked Hanok-Kie out of his anger, dropping him to the ground. He moved over to Teln to see if he was alright, but got a face full of Force Lightning. Teln, moving forward, kept it up, burning the Fur of his body. Teln slashed his face, leaving a scar across his exposed face, and kept the lightning up, laughing at his pain. Hanok-Kie, having no choice, used the force to make a piece of the building behind him drop down, crushing him. Hanok-Kie had little energy left. Hestood up, and picked up Teln's lightsaber, and clipped it to his belt. From that day forward he made it habit to keep the lightsabers of both allies and enemies as a final respect to there lives. Hanok-Kie collapsed in pain, tired from the long and gruelling battle.

The next few weeks he spent in a Kolto Tank, recovering from the fatal wounds of the battle. This put –Hanok-Kie out of action for the rest of the war. After his healing period, he was promoted to Jedi Knight. Sonam was proud of him, and said he would be there for him when he needed him. Hanok-Kie kept the wound on his eye, saying it would be a memory that would keep him from ever falling again.

The death of a loved one


Hanok-Kie was sick of all the hustle and bustle of Coruscant, and when he heard that Odan-Urr was building A Jedi library on Ossus, Hanok-Kie left Coruscant to join the work force for the library. He saw the project through to the end, using his skills with telekinesis to carry burdens that was impossible to move otherwise.

When Hanok-Kie finished the project in 4,996 BBY he had planed to look for a Padawan among the younglings gathering at the new library, but an urgent message from Kelrarro convinced him otherwise. It stated that Kashyyyks neighboring species, the Trandoshans, were Attacking Kashyyyk and attempting to take his Wookiee brothers as slaves for trade. Hanok-Kie jumped into his Koros Spaceworks Starfighter, and headed back to his homeworld for the first time since he became a Jedi.

As Hanok-Kie came out of Hyperspace he could see that the siege the Trandoshans were conducting was worse than he feared. A small Trandoshan Fleet hovered over the planet, with what looked like slave transport ships moving in between the planet and the Capital Ship. The lush trees remained, but the area in and around his village looked charred and burnt. Suddenly, Trandoshan fighters swarmed Hanok-Kie's fighter, overwhelming him. His engines finally gave out and sent him plummeting into the canopy, crashing through the trees into the shadowlands. Hanok-Kie withdrew his lightsaber and eased his way out of the cockpit, ready for anything. Seeing no one, he ascended into the trees, hurrying in the direction of his village.

When Hanok-Kie made it to the walkways a few miles outside his village, he was amazed by what he saw: a large battle as far as the eye could see, in the trees, on the walkway, in the skies, and down into the shadowlands. A Trandoshan, blade outstretched, attacked Hanok-Kie, only to meet Hanok-Kie's lightsaber. This caught the attention of a Wookiee nearby, who beckoned him to follow. The Wookiee soldier took him to the border of their small village, were Hanok-Kie's father waited.

Hanok-Kie took a leading position in the war against the Trandoshans. He and his father lead from the front lines as the war got more serious, side by side and working as a team, pushing back enemy forces at the front of the lines. Gradually the Wookiees pushed the Trandoshan forces back, and finally got them to where they had a small area of control left. Kelrarro and Hanok-Kie set up for a final assault against General Alsut and his Trandoshan army. They would lead the assault against Alsut's beached base, while a small task force from the Republic dealt with the fleet; but the Republic was not allowed to help with the ground assault, because this was a matter of "Wookiee honor".


Wookiees on the attack

Hanok-Kie and Kelrarro made their way through the treetops toward the beachhead, their Wookiee Elites and guards behind them and soldiers in the lower branches. Hanok-Kie waited a few moments when he got to the beachhead, and used the force to center himself. The force kept whispering that something was wrong, but Hanok-Kie couldn't tell what. Taking a deep breath, he gave the signal to attack. The Wookiees surged out of the trees toward the Trandoshan guards on the outskirts of the base, barking war cries as they engaged them. Hanok-Kie dove out of the trees, lightsaber ignited, joining the fray. He cut through the last few Trandoshans before he sensed what was wrong: there were mines hidden in the sand ahead. Hanok-Kie gave the signal to hold position, saving all his men, except three, from the mines. Hanok-Kie let out a growl in pain, he felt each death cut through him in sadness, picked up their Ryyyk blades and attached one to his belt, and gave the other two, Kelrarro's battalion, to his father. Hanok-Kie focused into the field ahead, and traced each mine. He picked up the ones close enough to him with the force and threw them into the walls of the base, blowing an entrance open, just as Kelrarro picked off the ones with his bowcaster that were to far off for him to pick up with the force. The Trandoshan forces flooded out of the building, some firing blaster rifles while others took out their war blades and ran at the Wookiees. Hanok-Kie looked at Kelrarro, who smiled at him and let out a chuckle, as he withdrew Bacca's Blade and ran at the enemy. Hanok-Kie reignited his lightsaber and gave the attack signal.


Together the father and son team slashed there way through guards left and right, storming the steps of the main building. Trandoshan Elite Warriors flooded out of the building, giving the Wookiees more of a challenge to get in and take out Alsut. Hanok-Kie slashed his way through the flood of Trandoshans, into the halls of Alsut's base. His father followed suit with a group of Wookiee Elites trailing behind them. The Trandoshan Elite numbers were increasing, and slowly overwhelming his men. Hanok-Kie saw that his Elites wouldn't last much longer unless he did something about it right away. Hanok-Kie used Force Valor on himself and pushed his way to the front of the fight, letting loose a mighty Force Push that sent all the Trandoshans flying down the hall and into the open room ahead. Kelrarro ran into the next room, Bacca's Blade in hand, slashing through a few Trandoshans. Hanok-Kie quickly followed, only to see Alsut mow down his father with a heavy repeating blaster. Hanok-Kie leapt at Alsut out of instinct, slashing the blaster in two. The two stared at each other, and the fact that his father was on the floor and bleeding heavily set in. Hanok-Kie placed the Blade of his lightsaber near Alsut’s throat, as the Wookiee and Trandoshan forces fought on behind him. Alsut hissed a comment to strike him down with his lightsaber cane like a coward, to which Hanok-Kie closed down his lightsaber and picked up Bacca's blade, meeting Alsut in blade-to-blade combat. Hanok-Kie fought ferociously, attempting to disarm Alsut. Alsut gained an advantage when the temple began to burn down around them, pushing Hanok-Kie back into the wall. Alsut placed his war blade to Hanok-Kie's throat, hissing menacingly. Hanok-Kie simply withdrew the ryyk blade from his fallen comrade and attempted to stick it into Alsut's gut, missing just enough for it to go into the Trandoshans leg, sending him back howling in pain. Alsut picked up a fallen Elite's Blaster and aimed it at Hanok-Kie's head, letting out two shots. The first hit Hanok-Kie in the shoulder as he dodged it, the second missing completely. Hanok-Kie moved for Alsut, slicing the blaster in two, blocked the war blade with his ryyyk blade as it slashed at him, and stuck Bacca's blade into his heart.


Hanok-Kie ran to his father’s body, seeing that he had a little bit of life yet in him. Kelrarro expressed how proud of Hanok-Kie he was, and drifted off into his death. Hanok-Kie roared in sadness, holding his father in his arms. He picked up his father's body and brought it out of the building just as the last of the building turned to ash. He cremated his father right there on that battlefield with all the other fallen Wookiees that lost their lives that day. During the battle the Republic had managed to overwhelm the small Trandoshan fleet, and was setting up a place on Kashyyyk for a treaty to be made. Hanok-Kie stayed as the treaty discussions took place, helping keep the peace. After the treaty was signed, Hanok-Kie was offered his fathers position among them, but Hanok-Kie declined, instead, giving it to his most trusted Warrior, that same one who brought him to his father that first day.

Hanok-Kie was a wreck after his father’s death, and the war had taken its toll on him. He decided not to return to Ossus right away, but to instead ask the council for a temporary leave to "Attempt to find his place in the force once more". And with this, Hanok-Kie left for the outer rim worlds, looking for a place of seclusion.

Personality and traits

"He cared about each and every person he met. When a fellow Jedi died he'd be at his funeral, even if he didn't know the person. During the Clone Wars he was an activist for the rights of Clones, and led them differently than other Jedi, because they treated Clones like expendable soldiers, and he cared for them, so much so that he left the order because he was opposed to the idea of the Republics way of treating the clones. He suffered over every death that passed him, and hated killing enemies, no matter how evil they were. He was cut deeply by every Jedi death, since he lived longer than even Yoda in the Old Republic, a hero until the end. May the force carry him into peace. Goodbye, old friend."
Wolf Sazen speaking of Hanok-Kie at his funeral

Hanok-Kie was a loyal Jedi. However, even though he followed the rules and customs of the old order, he firmly believed attachment and love were not paths to the dark side, but in fact beckons of light. The only time that it was dangerous was when you let it control your actions, such as with Anakin. He cared for the lives of everyone, even the soldiers he lead, often cutting away from a battle just to help a soldier who went down recover. Even so, his skills as a warrior were unbelievable. He had natural speed and hard worked strength from living with Wookiees, and the Force only strengthened these traits.

After the death of Teln Sirosh, Hanok-Kie began to make a habit of collecting the lightsabers, or, when it was a fellow Wookiee, their Ryyyk blades, as final respects to his comrades. As time passed he had an extensive collection, so much so that Hanok-Kie would set a section of the archives at the Jedi temple on Coruscant for the collection, which most would be lost after Order 66. Luckily the most important of the lightsabers were kept with him in his sash at all times, such as Teln Sirosh's, the lightsaber that started it all. During the Clone Wars Hanok-Kie would also collect the Helmets of fallen Clone troopers and often tried to give them a proper cremation, and followed the custom of Mandalorian culture by reciting their names (never there numbers) every day of his life. He left the order later in the war, knowing that the force was against this war and the way the Clones were treated Instead he took up a leading role with his Wookiee brothren, as well as a small force of Clones to take out key points on Kashyyyk, leading them the Wookiee way, rather than the way the Jedi were leading them.

Hanok-Kie used many weapons over the course of his life, but the two he always used were his lightsaber cane and his bowcaster.

Hanok-Kie's bowcaster was made from the trees that surrounded his childhood home. To create the actual bow, he took the metal from Ryyk blades and sculpted it into an arch. Hanok-Kie was the first in his village to use metal in a bowcaster, a trait many Wookiees would later follow.


Hanok-Kie's lightsaber cane was made over the course of a whole day. He sculpted it so perfectly that the only thing he updated when he got off planet was the ignition button, the lenses, his Ryyk blade after it shattered a few times, and occasionally the crystal. It was a work of natural art only someone raised by Wookiees could create.

As with all his work, Hanok-Kie's control of the force was fine tuned. After close to 6,000 years of training, Hanok-Kie had mastered the basics and some abilities so hard even a Jedi Master would have trouble. His mastered abilities included: Force Sense, Force Speed, Force Cloak, Farseeing, Force Empathy, Force Sight, Telekinesis, Force Jump, Force Pull, Force Push, Telepathy Animal Friendship, Battlemind, Cure Disease, Force Absorb, Droid Disable, Force Blinding, Force Armor, Force Enlightenment, Force Healing, Force Meld, Force Persuasion, Force Projection, Force Protection, Force Stun, Force Stasis, Force Valor, Hibernation trance, Malacia, Mind trick, Morichro, Plant Surge, Protection Bubble, Ray, Revitalize, Art of the Small, Battle meditation, Breath Control, Comprehend Speech, Force Bellow, Force Body, Force Comprehension, Force Confusion, Force Deflection, Force Flash, Force Throw, Force Vision, Force Whirlwind, Force Wave, Force Repulse, Precognition, Psychometry, Tapas, Saber barrier, Saber throw, and Telekinetic lightsaber combat. Even in the early days of his training he was noted to have a perticular skill with moving large amounts of weights with the force was seen right from the beginning of his training. Other aspects such as Force influence made him struggle a little bit more, but he was a fast learner and was able to overcome such problems within a short amount of time.

Behind the scenes


StarNinja99's view of this character switched around a lot. His original view of this character was in fact that of a clone that would be mixed with traits of different species. He would also carry a curved hilt lightsaber and have a much shorter life span. The character then gradually evolved from the want of a lightsaber cane and that he wanted to use a Wookiee. He decided to have a more mysterious feel to the character, but still have that Wookiee heritage, leading to the birth of the more modern Hanok-Kie. Oddly enough, the name is the only thing that never changed over the creation of this character.