"All that is necessary for evil to succed is for good to stand by and do nothing."
―Edmund Burke

Warning: This page and the chapters attached is not Star Wars related. It also contains launguage that may not be appopriate for younger readers. Readers descreation is advised. Any complaining can be brought to my My talk page.

The Fight for Humanity: Resitance is the first book in a made up apocoliptic future. The struggle of the modern soldier against an alien force known as the Zemka. The Zemka were out to bring the humans into their armies, and did not care weither it was done peacefullt or brutality, so long as it was done.


The Zemka came to Earth in 2020, offering the humans of the world a position in their alien empire, an epire made up of millions of species and billions of worlds, with advanced weapons a technology beyond modern human capabilities. All the worlds nattions had to do was disband their government, and they all would get portions of the Zemka's vast territories.

The offer sparks civil wars across the planet, turning countries into divisions of Zemka supporters and Government supporters. By The rebels were winning in most countries, due to the advanced weapons the Zemka were supplying to the rebels. The Zemka themselves would not lay a finger to the fight, saying that this was a decision Earth had to make for itself.

It all changed in 2028, when America became the first democracy to come out on top. The Zemka took this badly, and used their ships in space to burn The United States of America from orbit.

The story picks up two years later. It follows three resistance movements. One following a group of Irish resitance members, most either former members of the Irish armed forces or militia trained farmers, bent on repelling the British Zemka forces on their lands, another follows a Special Operations squad that survived the attack on the US, and other survivors of the bombardment. The final one follows a rather succesful German resistance force that centers themselves in Stuttgart.